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All modules articulated below are solidly rooted in lots of experience and cases across multiple industries with companies of various maturities, from small to very large, in advanced education with prominent institutions and in lots of continuous research from premium sources. Check the mentor for more.

NB:   these are suggested modules that can be adjusted to match your exact needs.
Get in touch and let's discuss an overall programme or focus on specific modules.

Module 1 : An Introduction to digital transformation

Module 2 : Reshape your organisation for digital times

Module 3 : Put customers at the core of everything

Module 4 : Design your value proposition in new ways

Module 5 : Reinvent your marketing & sales engine

Module 6 : Innovate with your business model

Module 7 : Design & drive your transformation project

Module 8 : Work, create, run agile with new tools

Your Coach & Trainer


Frédéric Martin | EN FR DE speaker

  • 24 years of business design & drive
    as business leader and consultant

    Contributing since the 90's to numerous business accelerations, transformations and launches

  • Experience across 10 industries
    with a digital & marketing focus

    With SMEs, startups and corporations like Samsung, Sony, Agfa Healthcare, Bridgestone Digital EU, 1&1 Internet ...

  • Solid experience in accelerating
    and transforming businesses

    As business owner, entrepreneur and consultant with corporations, SMEs, startups. Multiple cases on demand

  • Advanced business studies and
    continuous learning & research

    ESCP MBA | MIT/Columbia: Innovation w. Design Thinking, Digital Strategies, Platform Models, Change Management

  • International experience across
    Europe and North America

    Business development, lines management up to 500M€ revenues, marketing director

  • Masters a large portfolio of business
    applications and strategy models

    An early adopter of digital tools in many areas and
    a designer of visual business models aka canvases

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