Develop your business with new skills and digital ways, with new operating models and marketing systems.

Do you feel you're too busy and so are people around you? Do you think more could be achieved in easier ways? Are you expecting more from your business, do you want to grow more? Do you think you leverage sufficiently digital to get more power from it and to automate routines that pollute your days? Are you struggling with digital transformation? Do you feel digital is overwhelming or hard to follow? ... You're in the right place if you want to do something about it, explore new ways, new strategies, new systems.


What do you want to achieve?

adapt Enhance your digital skills.

Become more productive in your business life as a person and with your peers: leverage tools and build systems to achieve more with less effort, shift your time from non-value to added-value activities, focus on your priorities, simplify.


adapt Develop your business lines.

Design as a creative collaborative team value propositions, brands and customer interactions which make sense and work in the digital age. Accelerate your existing business in new ways or build new business with more digital at the core.


adapt Adapt your business model & operations.

Design your organisation and new models, put more digital at your core, update your teams and management to address new challenges in a digital world, create systems to accelerate your business today and to prepare for tomorrow.


Hi, I'm Frederic Martin.

Digital, Marketing and business development have been at the core of my professional life for over 20 years.

Digital Entrepreneur

I keep building, experimenting and learning new business and digital concepts, testing new models, tools and systems to help develop businesses and simplify people's life.

Marketing Professional

I've built a solid track record in global marketing management across multiple industries with a digital focus. I've helped unusual growths and digital adaptations in systematic ways.

Business Consultant

I help small to large organisations grow and adapt digitally. Not only I advise and coach but also help implement new concepts, tools, help people achieve more and work better together.

Enjoy new experiences.

I believe digital transformation shouldn't be about lasagne indigestions but rather about lean, iterative, joyful experiences... like sushi experiences. Fine pieces should progressively grow into consistent menus where anyone's enabled to enjoy in own way, co-create and share in ongoing discussions.  In a place where customers and cooks come together. With design, creativity, agility and openness as key ingredients.

Frederic Martin

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