The D and the X

The D and the X can do magic for our businesses and society

NB: Some sections of this post still in progress… meanwhile you may enjoy DX for where to start your transformation with, or DX for how to redesign your business with Unless you’d like to learn more about digital, with D for

DX for digital transformation

DX is an acronym for digital transformation. Digital acceleration is happening now… businesses that are not responding quickly enough might run into trouble.
The game is now about business: reinventing the core by leveraging technology, and unlocking new business spaces.
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DX for digital experience

A holistic seamless digital customer experience is key to develop our businesses. It’s actually a phygital experience, where all channels, contributors shall merge into a liquid, fast adapting system, with customers in the middle, ultimately as co-owners of the collective experience. To make this happen, organisations need to work more agile, beyond the usual silos. And fragmentations like for instance sales, marketing, digital or ecommerce don’t make so much sense anymore. Such functions might belong to the past soon. There are actually just three relevant functions here to maximise the business: acquisition, retention, and advocacy. Into a system. Powered by technology.

DX for transfo with the sticks

Most digital transformations fail to succeed: indigestible lasagnes, people not enjoying. It’s time for transformations with the sticks, not with the forks: leaner, agile, enjoyable experiences, involving all internal and external stakeholders in new experiences. it’s time for transformation the digital sushi way. Related article

DX for digital natives with X-gen

Nobody owns the answer to complex challenges, neither the digital natives, nor the older generation in power. Together they can be extremely strong: the first challenging the old thinking and potential HIPPO* approach, the second bringing the experience, guidance, structures and the ability to question based on prior experiences. They should work hand in hand whenever possible to tackle complex things together. (*HIPPO: highest paid personal opinion)

X for acceleration factor

The big game in the digital economy is not so much anymore about the + game, where you try to increase the existing stuff, with lots of energy, and with some luck end up with a plus ten or whatever percentage. It becomes more about the X-game, it’s about augmented purpose, new spaces of business, propelled by platform and community driven models, that translate into network effects, into X accelerations. How to design such models?

X for cross industry innovation

Great innovations were often born in another industry, universe. Further, any challenge may have already been solved somewhere else, it could be in another industry or another universe e.g. in the nature. So looking too much inside the silos, at direct competitors for instance, might not be so helpful to win the game in today’s world. It’s about looking beyond your industry, but also about bringing together completely different products, companies, to invent into something truly new together.

X for augmented brand experience
X for community driven business
X for relevant digital tools
D for design thinking power
D for data enabled decisions
D for dual brained drive
D for dual transformation

Business transformations should be two-fold: work on today, transform the core business, AND work on tomorrow, prepare for brand new things, brand new ways, new spaces. Here working backwards, from the dream, from future scenarios, leveraging for instance science fiction techniques or scenario approaches can be extremely efficient. Just iterating from today might not bring far ahead tomorrow. Both horizons should nurture each other, thus the importance of ongoing open communication between those working on today, and those working on tomorrow.

D for desire as ultimate kick
D for dream-design-do