Watch the Japanese cook

Unique flavours Each product or service should have a unique flavour, nicely differ from others. It should have a daring personality to stand out. Modular design Like sushis, products or services should be thought through with modular design and complement the others, articulate into a consistent menu to match customers hunger as it grows (options, cross and up-selling). Mass customisation …

Frederic Martin

Frederic MartinI’m a business consultant, owner at

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Frederic MartinI’m a business consultant, owner at

Digital marketing factory

Foreword: this post is in progress, all sections will be updated and complemented over time, to iterate into a more consistent resource. Come again soon, or register to receive updates in your mailbox. I’ve coined the term digital marketing factory / hub to picture a full system of marketing tooling and governance that will help build and nurture your business. …